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Latest Everyday Zen Wear T-Shirts

I always dreamed of having my own t-shirt line! Thanks to Amazon, it’s a reality! Everyday Zen Wear t-shirts serve as simple reminders of spirit-filled living. These tees are sure to raise not only your vibe, but the energy around you too! It’s a fun and easy way to be the change you want to […]

Shake Up Your Chakras & Get Happy!

Kickoff  Date: Thursday April 4, 2019 Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM PST Place: FB Live – Anywhere in the world! Energy Exchange: $197 (Early Bird) You are swimming in the energy of other people, places, things, media… that affect your energy in a big way. Learn how to heal, balance and direct your energy, while […]


Are you feeling it? The Universe has your back and you are blessed! Look for your blessings and you’re sure to find them. This Everyday Zen Wear t-shirt is a simple reminder of how #blessed you really are! Available in five colors for men, women and little ones. Get your #blessed t-shirt on Amazon!

Detox for Your Soul – Take the 21 Day Psychic Cleanse

Kickoff  Date: Wednesday, March 20 (Spring Equinox & Full Moon) Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM PST Place: Live Stream – Anywhere in the world! Energy Exchange: $99 Cleanses and detoxes have become quite popular these days. Whether you are doing a juice cleanse, the master cleanse or a mono-diet cleanse, these can be great ways to rid the […]

Women Who Write

As the soul coach that I am, I have many clients who are running down their dreams – just like me! One of the frequent topics that comes up in my practice (and with myself) is WRITING. Many of you are writers who are not consistently writing or you may be unsure about what to […]

Churched Up and Dumbed Down

As a lover of words, I am sick to death of the politically correct usage of the word, “intuition” to describe our psychic senses. I was shocked to see one of my original psychic development mentors remove the word, “psychic,” not only from her website, but from her vocabulary as well. She is the one […]

30 Day Psychic Bootcamp

Kickoff Date: Monday, February 4 (New Moon) Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM PST Place: Live Stream Have you ever wondered whether you’re psychic? Do you get feelings about certain situations and people, only to find out later that they came true? Do your friends and family turn to you for help and guidance because you give […]

Psychic vs Intuitive: Why I call myself psychic

As a lover of words, I continue to choose the word “psychic” to describe my work. There is great power in words and I’ve witnessed many of my psychic friends and colleagues ditch the word “psychic” over the years and use the word “intuitive” to describe themselves instead. I know. I’ve done it myself. I […]