Calling a Committee Meeting

What do successful business people do when faced with questions about operations, growth, next steps? They pull their best people to the table and have a committee meeting to hash things out. More great minds, more potential solutions, right?

You’re probably thinking, “But, I don’t have access to such a group of people!”  What if I told you that you have an unlimited source of brilliant minds right at the tip of your imagination?

A few weeks ago, I shared my unique form of meditation. I call it ‘Imagitation.” This is when I use my quiet mind to actively achieve something – perhaps to seek out and solve issues and challenges, bless my children or sit in gratitude and literally count my blessings. When I’m in the state of imagitation, I am leveraging Universal energy for a specific benefit or outcome.

My goal in imagitating is never to empty my mind, which I find impossible and frustrating; therefore, counter-productive, but to be the proactive, conscious co-creator of my life.

One of my favorite imagitations is calling a committee meeting. This is when I pull out the big guns and get things resolved! Not only am I leveraging Universal energy by simply asking for answers and knowing they will be answered because the law says so, I am also calling on my spiritual entourage (spirit guides and angels) and channeling great minds of the past and present.

I call committee meetings when I am at an impasse with a decision, overwhelmed or frustrated with a certain situation. Typically, I call committee meetings to resolve business issues that are beyond my scope.

The first committee meeting I called was about 10 years ago. They say, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and boy, was that the case for me! I was feeling low-balled in my business. I was frustrated by the type of client I was attracting and unsure why I was stuck in this particular rut. I felt I had to constantly compromise myself, give more and receive less. I began feeling resentful and victimized. I wanted my strength, liberation and confidence back but felt completely at the mercy of my clients.

When I sat in meditation to find peace, my mind always went to solution. However, as Einstein said so eloquently, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” So there I sat like a rat on wheel, until I asked myself one simple question, “What would Jesus do?” Since I am a big fan of Jesus (Christ consciousness) and his teachings of Universal laws, that felt like the right energy to connect with.

Immediately, my mind shifted somewhere else completely! I began hearing a voice other than my own giving me advice. His first message was to invite more people to the table – successful, business people. So I did!

I imagined a large, round, wooden table in the center of an empty, white room with a door. I left the door open so new people could join in at any time. At the table I saw Jesus, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Martha Stewart, Marianne Williamson and Donald Trump (don’t hold that against me – this was 10 years ago). Behind them stood a few spirit guides for additional support and to hold us in the highest vibration.

One by one, I went around the table listening to their advice. In my mind, I heard their voices very distinctly and they told me things I had not ever considered or imagined. Oprah and Marianne spoke about my self worth being at the root of my challenges and how I needed to do some work around that. Donald and Martha told me to raise my prices and clearly state them on my website. Tony and Jesus had me focus on my vision, my desire and the reasons for running my business.

By the end of this imagitation, I had concrete solutions that I applied immediately to my business, as well as lots of spiritual guidance around loving myself and being of service (vs being a servant) and utilizing my unique gifts to make the world a better place. I had gone full circle and came out all the wiser and tremendously grateful for all the brilliance bestowed upon me! I had no idea how tremendously powerful this simple meditation would be and the impact it would have on me today.

So, I started calling committee meetings on a regular basis and continue to do so today. I’m sorry to say that I’ve since fired the Donald.

When I’m calling a meeting, I do fully believe that I am channeling the energy of the people in the room. Since everything and everyone is energy and energy is readable and accessible to everyone, this exercise is doable for ANYONE who is willing to try it. Your committee members can be whoever you like, including spirit guides, angels, family members, pets, people who are dead or alive, famous folks… whoever you feel connected to or pops into your consciousness.


I find this imagitation particularly helpful to many of my clients who have a tendency to be solo problem solvers – who over-ruminate, over-analyze and try forcing solutions. This is a very freeing exercise in receptivity and knowing that you’re never alone. Help is just a thought away.

Next time you are stuck on something or feeling challenged in your personal life or in business, call a committee meeting of your own. You might be surprised by who shows up and the amazing guidance you receive!

Have fun with this and feel free to share your committee meeting experience with the rest of us!

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