tarot readings

Tarot Readings

Gain clarity, peace of mind and validation about your current life situations. Tarot readings are an insightful, in-depth and powerful way to receive answers to questions you may have about your life purpose, relationships, career, finances, family and health. My intention in giving readings is always to provide healing, guidance and direction.

What’s in the cards for you?

The Tarot is an experiential, spiritual tool designed to assist you on your life’s journey. It covers every aspect of your life, including the good, the bad and the ugly, which provides you with an opportunity to enhance, pivot or completely re-calibrate your current path to match your intentions and desires.

Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Awareness is everything. Once you tap into the truth of what you’re experiencing, you can leverage universal laws to change, be, do or have whatever your heart desires. (I’ll coach you on that).

I use the Tarot as a tool for connecting with your spirit helpers, awakening your intuitive faculties and putting you in touch with your inner world. It is a metaphorical system that leads you on your path of the mythical hero, a path of adventure and self-discovery.

Tarot Readings are done by phone, Zoom, FB Messenger or Skype. A photo of your spread will be texted or emailed to you directly after your session.


30 Minute Session $44

60 Minute Session $88

All readings are done by remotely by phone, Skype, FB or Zoom.