Nice Marmot

One thing I know for sure is that we live in a responsive Universe. It is always yielding to us and answering every question – big, little, conscious ones, unconscious ones. Size doesn’t matter with the Universe.

Case in point. The other day, my son and I were driving behind a station wagon in Ashland with a bumper sticker that read, “Nice Marmot.”

I was completely clueless and asked my son if he knew what that meant. He didn’t. It stumped and perplexed me and wouldn’t leave my mind. I thought I’d Google it later because in my head, I was sure I was missing out on something cool. I totally forgot all about it by night fall.

Christmas Eve comes the next day. Our tradition is to watch funny or indie type movies. As I was scrolling through Netflix, I came across The Big Lebowski. This was a movie I had intended to watch for years because of its curious following, but just never got around to it, due to the obvious “dude movie” vibe. Until that night.

So, I’m happy with our choice and having a good time watching, when in one scene the “bad guys” bust into Dude’s apartment, while he’s taking a bubble bath. They are walking what appears to be a ferret in a studded leather leash. Dude says, “Nice Marmot” just before the bad guy tosses the squirrelly creature into the bath tub with Dude.

My son and I heard it at the same time and with eyes wide looked at one another and laughed out loud! It’s “Nice Marmot!”

You’ll have to watch the rest if you haven’t already. (Don’t watch if you’re easily offended). My point in telling this story is that I had a compelling question about an arbitrary bumper sticker that the Universe provided the answer for in under 24 hours. Random? I think not. I believe this is how the Universe works ALL the time.

So, what if we got curious and put this to test? What if we asked BIG questions that could change the trajectory of our lives? Guess what? We do, but typically from a state of contrast or fear or as something we want to avoid. What if we got proactive and treated the Universe as our sounding board – as the wizard with all the answers? All we have to do is ask and then…wait for it… receive.

Simple is as simple does. Get curious and start asking out loud.

The Universe always delivers.

UPDATE: The day after writing this post, I took my son to the Social Security office. A man walked into the waiting room and sat down in a chair right in front of me. His flannel shirt sported its brand name on the back. Guess what the brand was? Marmot.

The Universe is relentlessly hilarious. Marmots everywhere!

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