Flying Blind Medium

I got a call from a woman recently who wanted a medium reading. She claimed to be extremely skeptical and experienced other psychics who baited her with questions, watched her closely for micro expressions and other physical give-aways. She asked me numerous questions about how medium works, which quite frankly, I can only guess… all I know is that I am able to connect with the energy of people in my presence, miles away, on the other side of the globe or on the other side of the veil. I’m a quantum physics kind of psychic who believes that energy is never created or destroyed, it simply moves around or transforms, and since we are all of the same ONE mind or creative intelligence, there is no separation, which makes communication not only possible but probable.

As she continued asking questions, I felt her obvious desire for help and connection and I really wanted to give it to her. I simply told her that yes, a medium session is a risk-taking venture. We don’t know what might transpire, but I’m a willing participant. I felt like my answers were too vague and I was not giving her the reassurance she was looking for, but I can’t fake it and I’m not in business to convince anybody of anything. Finally, I told her to take a look at my reviews and then decide if this is right for you. At that point, to my surprise, she immediately made an appointment for the next day.

Now, I’ve given numerous medium readings, but with her I became really nervous because of her overt skepticism. I began having doubts wondering if her negative expectation would block the process, so I meditated on it. I went back to my scientific/spiritual way of thinking and decided to trust the energies that would come through and to allow whatever information I received and filter nothing. I also decided that I would conduct an experiment and not look at her during the reading for two reasons: to ease her mind that I’m searching her out for clues and so that I wouldn’t have to look at her skeptical face, which would totally distract and freak me out!

When she arrived the next day, I told her my experiment and how it would serve us both. She agreed. We agreed that she would offer no information and we would “see” who or what transpired organically. Typically, my clients might share who they would like to connect with, which creates a faster connection and then we engage in conversation, sharing the information and putting the pieces together collectively, which is a much more interactive and social process. But this was a true “blind” reading.

Well, I won’t reveal details, but I have to say this was the most profound reading I’ve ever done. The picture that was painted for us was amazingly clear and so much was revealed. It seemed vague and very historically picturesque at first, but it all came full circle and revealed more that I could have ever imagined. The session was quite emotionally charged and addressed deep family wounds. The session validated my client and gave her permission to be okay exactly where she is on her healing path and to realize her strength and courage. It also revived her faith in the existence of the unseen world.

I was completely humbled by this session and took a moment to recall the many beautiful moments I’ve shared with others. I feel such gratitude and reverence for all those who have trusted me with their life stories, their beloved friends and cherished family members who have passed on. The work we do together is sacred, intimate and such a blessing for all of us. I am forever touched and eternally grateful.

And now since I do all of my readings by phone or Skype, I’m really flying blind! I see this as such a gift in that I’m less distracted and able to access the energies immediately. This process has taught me to really trust what comes through for me and has made me a better medium.

Do you have a love one who’s passed that you’d like to connect with? I’d love to help you make that connection!

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