Toilet Paper Feng Shui

1016131241As we live a more psychic life, we become mindful about keeping our energy within a certain range to attract that which we want. We understand the importance of creating an environment that encourages our desires. That’s why we implement the art and science of Feng Shui in our living spaces. We want to allow energy to flow, while placing strategic objects in our path that visually remind of us those positive qualities that we wish to flourish.

One of my personal symbols for abundance and financial prosperity is having a surplus of toilet paper. Sound silly? It makes perfect sense for this girl. See, I was a very young mother. I had my daughter for my 18th birthday in lieu of high school graduation. I tested out and went on to college because I had a much larger purpose and didn’t have time to mess around!

Well, as you would imagine, my daughter and I did not have much money. I received welfare, went to college on scholarships and grants and barely got by, but I knew we would always be okay, so long as I didn’t settle in this place of poverty. There were times when we ate potatoes and ramen for weeks at a time. I always kept a sense of humor about things and would ask her, “How would you like your potatoes tonight -baked, fried, boiled or mashed?” I had to keep it interesting!

Sometimes things were so tight that we didn’t have toilet paper. I borrowed TP from public restrooms as a substitution. In fact, on occasion I washed our laundry in the bathtub because I had to keep my quarters for gas to get to school and back. But it was those times when we ran out of toilet paper that I felt the most discouraged, embarrassed and depressed about our financial condition. When I would stock back up, I thought to myself, “Never again. This is not acceptable. Soon, this will only be a memory!”

Years have passed. My daughter is now 29 and living in New York. I have a thriving practice helping people rediscover and  reinvent themselves. I keep my bathroom well stocked with toilet paper and even keep a basket full of TP on top of the commode as a visual reminder of abundance and prosperity.

When I see my basket full, I feel so blessed and grateful for those scarce days, as I learned how to be frugal and how to keep an attitude of gratitude despite temporary economic circumstances. It was only through that experience that I was able to create a more full and abundant life for myself and my family.

The contrast of what I wanted and what I had was severe and left a massive impression on me, so much so that I never let the basket get low. The confidence I developed as a result of moving into the place of my desires by living a psychic lifestyle is priceless. I have learned so much about universal law, affirmative prayer, meditation, leveraging energy… and now I teach these principles to others.

What kind of visual reminders to you have around your home to keep your spirit up? It’s such an important part of psychic living. Your home should be the physical expression of your vision for your life. Unequivocally, it is always the physical expression of what’s really going on in your world. So, if you don’t like what’s showing up in your world, maybe it’s time to move your stuff around and add a few enhancements that will raise your vibration.

What’s your story? Do you have certain triggers or symbols that keep you in alignment with your true desires? I’d love it if you shared!