7 Signs Your Chakras Are Blocked or Imbalanced

Everyone experiences blocked and imbalanced chakras from time to time. After all, you are spirit being in a flesh suit constantly swimming in a sea of energy radiating from people, places and things. Those thought forms, beliefs, fears, customs, cultural norms and media bombard your energy centers all the time – sometimes to your detriment.

You are telepathic and empathic by nature. Your body temple and its energy centers, or chakras, send and receive energetic information constantly, even while you’re sleeping.

When you expose yourself to harsh environments, negative people or thinking, your chakras become heavy with dense, dark energy, making you feel sluggish, blocked and out of balance. You also lose mental clarity and focus.

7 Signs Your Chakras Are Blocked or Imbalanced

ROOT: You have financial insecurities and worry about your basic needs being met. This leaves you feeling unsupported, anxious and fearful. You are occupied with the past or future and find it difficult to be grounded in the moment. You may have deep-rooted family issues and experience low back pain and constipation.

SACRAL: You experience addictions or cravings that never feel satisfied. You just can’t get enough and that causes you to go overboard with food, sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping or even abstinence. You can be extreme in your seeking of joy and pleasure. You may suffer from reproductive issues and hip pain.

SOLAR PLEXUS: You sometimes feel invisible, victimized or out of control, so you turn up your anger and aggression as a means to control people and situations. You can be inflexible, stubborn and more interested in being right than finding amicable solutions. You may experience digestive issues.

HEART: You feel responsible for everyone all the time or the opposite – closed off and guarded. At your core you are extremely sensitive, but have not learned how to manage your empathic nature. You are a magnet for energy vampires and may experience shortness of breath and chest pain.

THROAT: You have a lot to express through your voice, art, words but either swallow it all down – expressing minimally – or blast it haphazardly and without aim. You usually don’t feel heard. You sometimes feel suppressed, frustrated and blocked. You experience frequent sore throats and ear infections.

THIRD EYE: You don’t trust what you intuit. You rely heavily on tangible facts and what you physically see, so you miss the subtleties of life, like body language, signs from above, innuendo, seduction. You don’t read or sense other people’s energy, so you assume or project quite a bit. You don’t dream or play in your imagination much and may have eye issues.

CROWN: You feel disconnected from a spiritual source. You don’t feel spiritually supported, so you rely heavily on yourself or other people to get things done. Your existence feels finite and predictable, as you may block yourself from synchronicities and miracles. You likely have brain fog, frequent headaches and feelings of “is this all there is?”

Not to Worry! Everything is Fixable.

Can you relate to some or most of these imbalances? Left unchecked, they wreak havoc in your life and spill over into every area, affecting your life and those around you.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could feel your healthiest, most calm, confident, energetic and happiest self every day.

Your natural state is one of well-being, high energy, intuition and creativity. You don’t need to add anything to yourself to enjoy these characteristics. They already fully exist within you.

All you need is an awareness of your chakras and a practice that will keep them humming. Well, guess what? I’ve got you covered. 

Shake Up Your Chakras & Get Happy is my 7 week live, online course that addresses your energy centers in depth and gives you tangible exercises to do to clear, balance and fortify your healthy chakras – one at a time.

Read more and sign up for Shake Up Your Chakras & Get Happy!

Once you learn this stuff, it’s in your toolbox for life to be used whenever you need a tune-up.

You tune up your car and take care of your body, right? Isn’t it time for a chakra tune-up? Let’s remove the old, energetic sludge and make way for health, happiness, prosperity, creativity and fun!

You’re gonna love this.

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