Getting Grounded

This is my number ONE hack to ease my anxiety and calm my root chakra. It’s organic, simple and completely free!

Like a fish swimming in water and not realizing it is wet, you exist in a massive energy field with varying levels of vibrational frequencies occurring simultaneously all around you. This can feel overwhelming to energetically sensitive people, and that is why it is important to regularly ground yourself.

Since you cannot control other people’s energy, it is imperative that you take responsibility for your own and do whatever is necessary to tune into energies that feel good and re-align with your high self. Grounding yourself is one of those activities. It is easy, organic and good for your soul!

Getting grounded or “earthing” has many benefits. Just as the sun gives you warmth and vitamin D, the earth underfoot gives you food and water, a surface to walk, sit, stand, play and build on. Earth also offers an eternal, natural, and vitalizing energy. Let’s call it vitamin G—G for grounding.

Grounding is easy to do. Simply walk barefoot or lie on the ground – in sand, grass, dirt and soak up the healing energy of mother earth. Take your time and observe the changes in your mood, thoughts and feelings. Do you feel any physical sensations?

I know for me, if I don’t connect directly with the earth at least every day, I get a little bugged out and feel out of sorts. Grounding myself is my quick fix for raising my energetic frequency and calming my root chakra.

Experiment with different locations at different times during the day. Walking in the cool sand on the beach at night is very different that a day-time walk. It is when I feel most connected to Source and my high priestess is most activated. Laying in the grass at high noon brings out my inner child. Hiking in nature with tall pine trees activates a peace and creativity that surges through me.

Bottom line, grounding yourself is a must! What shows up for you in the different landscapes are little surprises waiting for you. Did you get your vitamin G today?

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