Women Who Write

As the soul coach that I am, I have many clients who are running down their dreams – just like me! One of the frequent topics that comes up in my practice (and with myself) is WRITING.

Many of you are writers who are not consistently writing or you may be unsure about what to do with your content, so I decided to create a free Facebook Group called, Women Who Write.

This is a place where you can give and receive support, encouragement, ideas, tips and tricks to keep us plugged into our craft. As an entrepreneur, former English teacher and magazine publisher, I’ve learned a thing or two about writing and packaging content.

Writing is not for the weary. It is not always easy… it’s like working out. We know we have the right stuff and feel the compulsion to do it, yet finding the inspiration or motivation to write is another story.

But once we do it… we feel amazing! We feel in the flow and in our dharma! It is the best feeling in the world! I know.

So, if you’d like some inspiration, structure, accountability and just to hang with other supportive soul sisters who write, join us! Where two or more are gathered, magic happens!

Join Women Who Write Facebook Group

Once you join the group, make sure you change your Notification settings to receive ALL POSTS, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Let’s activate that throat chakra and get that dream into reality! There’s no time like the present. (In fact, there’s no time but the present!)

Write on, my friend, write on!

All my love,

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