Superfood Chaga Fudge


What is chaga you ask? Let me sum it up for you. Chaga, aka “king of the medicinal mushrooms,” is the single most powerful healing herb in the world, according to David Wolfe, and has the remarkable ability to:

  • Fight cancer and detoxify radioactive and chemotherapeutic agents
  • Create super-immunity against viruses while fighting allergies and asthma
  • Balance blood-sugar levels, reduce systemic inflammation, heal digestive ailments, such as candida and help the liver purify itself
  • Nourish the hair, skin and eyes
  • Help you achieve vibrant health and radiant beauty

I discovered chaga not too long ago and now I use it daily as a tea, in my skin care products (as it is contains melanin and fights melanoma), and in many food recipes.

Superfood Chaga Fudge is one of my favorites, as it promotes excellent health and longevity, boosts my immune system and energy level, and provides clarity of mind.

Not only is Superfood Chaga Fudge good for you, it tastes great and is easy to make! Here, I’ll show you…


I buy my chaga wild and freshly harvested from folks in Vermont. You can find them here. It comes in big chunks, quite similar to large pieces of tree bark and is very tough. I break down the chaga by putting it in a towel and hammering it down to the size you see here. To make the chaga into powder form, I use a coffee bean grinder. I tried a mortar and pistil originally, but it was a ton of work!

To simplify things, you can also buy powdered chaga.


Once you grind up the chaga, add it, the dry superfoods and salt to a small bowl. I’m a big fan of Navitas Naturals. You can find Navitas at Whole Foods or here at Navitas Naturals on Amazon.





Mix up your dry superfoods and then add in the wet ingredients: coconut oil, honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract.


Now stir it all together with a spoon until you achieve an even, creamy consistency.


Next, you’ll want to scoop up a teaspoon or so worth of fudge and form it into a bit-size ball. Repeat. Roll a few of your fudge balls in chia seeds for even more superfood power!


Superfood Chaga Fudge

Mix together chaga, cacao, spirulina and maca powder. Add coconut oil, honey, syrup, vanilla and salt. Form bite-size balls. Refrigerate and enjoy!

Your Superfood Chaga Fudge will keep nicely in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

Next time you crave a tasty pick-me-up, forgo the coffee or prepackaged snack food, and pop one of these healthy treats in your mouth instead! As you feel the yummy goodness melt in your mouth, you’ll be happy you did, feel better and live longer!