Raising Your Vibration Replay

Here is a replay of our first ever Psychic Living Google Hangout! Our topic is a good one: Raising Your Vibration. I promised everyone a handy cheat sheet for a quick reference. Use it often! You can find the PDF here: Raising Your Vibration.

Last night’s live Google Hangout was great! It is my first effort, so pardon my excessive hand gestures, body movements and poor lighting, but I’m pleased with the over-all message!

Next time, I’d like to make our Hangout more interactive. Many people were commenting, but I didn’t see them until after the broadcast. I love learning new things! So, thank all of you who shared your precious time with me! I look forward to improving my game so that we all enjoy the experience even more.

I hope you find this information helpful. Remember how mighty and powerful you really are. You are always creating your life, so you might as well create a life you LOVE!

If this information helped you in any way, please share your comments below.