Psychic vs Intuitive: Why I call myself psychic

As a lover of words, I continue to choose the word “psychic” to describe my work. There is great power in words and I’ve witnessed many of my psychic friends and colleagues ditch the word “psychic” over the years and use the word “intuitive” to describe themselves instead. I know. I’ve done it myself.

I get why. “Psychic” has been hi-jacked by Hollywood and shady palm readers that speak of family curses and pricey cures. The word leaves an unsavory taste in many people’s mouths and conjures up images of shysters, fortune tellers and circus freaks all out to make a quick buck, while preying on people’s innermost thoughts and fears.

And yes, this sort of business and behavior exists and is precisely why I boldly claim the word “psychic” over my practice. “Psychic,” according to, is a beautiful word that means “of or relating to the human soul or mind; mental as opposed to physical.” I’m taking the word “psychic” back and intend to restore its reputation to its soulful meaning!

To me the word “psychic” simply means “of the spirit.” It deals with energy and I am the energy girl! My work is all about tapping into the physical, mental and emotional energy of my clients and that of Spirit for clarity and guidance.

A Course in Miracles says, “Those who have developed “psychic” powers have simply let some of the limitations they laid upon their minds be lifted.”

See, I know that we are all psychic and have amazing abilities to create something from nothing, also known as manifesting or conjuring, to read the energy of people, animals, places and things, to telepathically communicate, which we do all of the time, to travel beyond our physical world either by dreams, meditation, or imagination… we can literally alter the energy around us. We can heal things or we can curse things simply by our thoughts alone…

Think of all those times you’ve known someone was calling you or knew exactly where a lost item was or had a gut feeling about something… you are naturally psychic.

There’s so much more here to explore, but for now, I want to stick to the topic. Let’s talk about the differences between being psychic and being intuitive.


Intuition is described as a direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process. Your intuition is your 6th sense – a built in survival mechanism that keeps you safe by sensing the energy around you. It’s always working. It’s like your subconscious energy detector. You do not have to have a mental awareness about it to make it work. It just does.

This is how we are wired for biological survival. However, our culture speaks little, if anything, to our intuitive natures, so most people do not have a relationship with their intuitions. They either have little or no awareness of their intuition prowess. In the west, we’ve been taught to be creatures of reason, intellect and place an imbalanced emphasis on cognitive rationalization.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate our intellectual faculties. In fact, I love that part of our human condition… but it is just one part. When we don’t work with our intuitions, we make life more difficult – even confusing, as we attempt to “figure” everything out, instead of being gracefully led by our intuitions.

Case in point: Countless times you’ve heard stories told by women who survived abduction or sexual abuse that speak to the fact that deep inside, a voice told them not to get in the car, but they did anyway because they didn’t want to be offensive, paranoid… etc.

They knew better and went against their intuitive natures because they had no training about the amazing tool that their intuition is. Have you ever done that?

Next Level: Psychic

This is where things get fun. So, we know we’re wired with intuition. It behooves all of us to understand it better, leverage it more and to TRUST it. This is step one in psychic development.

I call myself psychic because I’ve taken my intuition to the next level and I teach my clients how to do the same. I have developed a psychic practice that utilizes my intuition, but at a much higher frequency and with focused awareness. Psychic is intuition on steroids!

My greatest gift is reading energy. I, like you, intuit energy all day long. But when I’m doing my psychic work or I’m seeking energetic information about a person, place or thing, I mindfully TARGET that person, place or thing. It is a mental exercise. It takes mindful awareness, training and trust in the information I receive.

Let me back up a bit… everyone and everything is energy, right? Energy consists of information and personality. It is palpable, readable and available to ALL of us. I frequently say people are always telling on themselves. They can’t help it. Their energy is showing! I just happen to be very well versed in accessing it and trusting the information I receive implicitly. We all access energy differently… well, that’s another post.

Being intuitive is passive, while being psychic is active. It is not sustainable for us to be intensely focused on accessing energetic information all day, as that would be exhausting, but we can access it when we want… with practice.

There are many tools, rituals and mental exercises we can do to develop our psychic senses. This is my Disneyland. Not only do I find being psychic incredibly fascinating, I find it to be fun and entertaining too! People watching is one of my favorite activities. I also love being able to transmit love and kindness energetically wherever I go and being a beneficial presence – an energy bender – in any situation.

Being psychic is a spiritual practice. Accessing information or channeling, sensing energy, asking, receiving, transmitting… these are all psychic activities. Prayer, visualization, meditation are psychic activities that most people do unwittingly. I simply like to turn it up to proactively create change, healing and peace of mind. I like knowing I have access to every question that I might have. I find being psychic incredibly empowering and so helpful in navigating this thing called life.

So, next time you hear the word, “psychic”, don’t be so quick to dismiss it. Look a little deeper and always TRUST your intuition! And to my psychic friends and colleagues, you know your abilities reach far beyond intuition. Claim it! Let’s put the spirit back in “psychic” and send the shysters looking for a new word. Our work is sacred and lovely. Let’s embody it completely, share it with the world and reclaim its magical brilliance.


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