Group Past Life Regression

Curious about your past lives? Would you like to gain some insight on an issue you chronically struggle with? Then come join us for a group past life regression guided meditation!

With Past Life Regression, you can understand why certain life patterns exist and you will be able to free yourself from old belief systems, habits, limiting behaviors, fears and physical issues that are having a negative influence on you in this life.

This method can also effectively answer questions that you may have, such as your life purpose, karmic cycles, health concerns, relationship connections and emotional issues.


Date: Thursday, August 3
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Charlene’s Pacific Grove Office

During this Meetup you will:

  • Explore what Past Life Regression is and how it can be helpful to you
  • Participate in a Past Life Regression guided meditation
  • Share your experiences and insights with the group if you like
  • Receive insights/hits from Charlene
  • The guided meditation is the work of Brian Weiss and facilitated by Charlene.

Water and tea will be available. You will be lying on the carpeted floor. Feel free to bring a light blanket, yoga mat or pillow for the meditation, which takes about 30 minutes, followed by group discussion.

Plenty of parking available. Please RSVP on Monterey Psychic Living Meetup.

Questions? Call me! 562-458-3677

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