Medium Sessions

I believe those who are crossed over remain connected to us in spirit – although their physical bodies are no longer, their energy never dies.

medium sessions

A medium reading allows me to tap into the energy of those around you who are physically deceased.

As a psychic medium and an empath, I am able to connect with your loved ones and the other side by using my psychic senses. I see images and feel things – both physically and emotionally. Sometimes I even sense tastes and smells. I will bring forward unique and detailed validations, so you know without a doubt your loved ones are still with you.

One of the questions I always ask those I’m connected with is how they show up for you. This is when it gets fun, as you begin to realize how often you are visited. You begin to see those recurring instances as times of profound connection that you will never take for granted again. You are free to ask your person any questions you have during your session.

Having a medium reading is not only validating, it’s a healing experience like no other. Many people describe feeling much lighter and less sad about missing their person, as they realize they are never alone.


50 Minute Session $225

One additional guest is welcome to sit in on your session for emotional support.

If you’d like to invite more guests or connect with more than one person, Group Readings are a great option.

Readings are done in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom. If you’re wondering about the difference between in person and phone sessions, read my blog HERE.  Phone sessions are flexible and convenient, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of location.

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