Day 3: Setting Up Your Sacred Space

sacred-spaceWelcome to Day 3! Today, you’ll be creating your Sacred Space to do your psychic work.

1. Now that you’ve chosen and cleared a spot for your Sacred Space (closet, bathroom, dining room table, sofa, chair in bedroom) meant for quiet time, prayer, meditation, reading and journaling, it’s time to decorate it!

Choose items that raise your spirit, make you smile and give you a feeling of reverence. It is your holy place, after all! Here are a few ideas for you:

  • flowers
  • candles
  • family photos
  • plants
  • spiritual books
  • religious icons
  • lamps, lights
  • statues, figurines of angels, saints, ascended teachers
  • favorite artwork
  • crystals, gems
  • personal tokens, charms

2. Once your Sacred Space is set up, grab your Psychic Journal, a cup of tea and nestle in your Space. In your journal, write down all the people you love and the many things you are grateful for.

3. When you are finished writing, put your journal aside, close your eyes and imagine the people that you listed, feel how much you love them, send them love and blessings by imagining wrapping them in green or pink flowing satin ribbon and kissing them gently on their cheeks.

Then visualize the things that make you happy in your life – your many blessings. Just sit in this space for as long as you like and affirm:

  • Life is good
  • All of my needs are met right now
  • I am so loved and blessed
  • I love, I am loved, I am love

Congratulations! You just infused your Sacred Space with love and gratitude, raised your own vibration and meditated! Who knew how powerful you are?! (I did.)

Enjoy your Sacred Space and this beautiful day!