Sexual Healing Happens

Today I decided not to go to yoga. I had a recent heart wrenching break-up and my morning started to take on that familiar gray feeling. Ten minutes before yoga began, I was meditating on my couch trying to feel better and I got this big push: Go to Yoga!

I listen to my Guides, so I was out the door.

Once I got to the bluff overlooking the ocean, I knew that was a good choice. The air was crisp, the mist was still hanging in the air. It was very magical indeed.

Class was brilliant. Christy taught today. She has an infectious personality. I LOVE her! She takes the solemn seriousness out of yoga and infuses it with her cute giggles, hula hoops, prayer, affirmations, and a big group hug at the end. She is remarkable.

So, while in resting pose with my eyes closed at the end of class, I felt hands on my thighs… an ever so light and loving touch. I know sometimes the instructors come by and offer some sort of physical blessing, but it’s usually on the head. I thought, “that’s kinda inappropriate.” But I went with it. I felt the hands firm up a bit, yet it was still soft and loving, not scary or disruptive, but I was compelled to look up. Nobody was there. Laying back down, hands still on thighs, when all of the sudden, this rush went through my body and I heard “Sexual Healing” song from Marvin Gaye play in my head. This feeling was so intense it brought me to tears. I have never cried in yoga before, mind you. After the tears, came an incredible peace.

I knew I had received a healing related to my break-up, my sexuality and single status. I’m good! I came home feeling so good and powerful and got a huge surge to do some creative work, which has been missing for a long while. (Sounds like a sacral chakra healing).

I’m back, baby! I’m back.

Thank you Angels and Guides for the messages and incredible healing today. Wow.

Listen to your Guides, people. They know what they’re doing=)

Love and Peace,

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