Ghosts in the Attic? Let’s Heal That.

Are you wanting to attract a new romantic partner, but feel it’s all too illusive or even an impossibility? Or maybe you have attracted that special someone, but find yourself sabotaging this new romance before it can even launch.

Date: Tuesday, May 22
Time: 7 PM
Place: Golden Buddha Studio: 170 17th Street Unit J, Pacific Grove CA

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” It’s one of our many universal laws. Before we can call in the next one, we have to make room, clear space and release our relationship ghosts of the past. All of them. We  have to clear our ghosts in the attic, say our final good-byes and let our spirits heal.

I’ve designed a healing ceremony, with guided meditation, to set yourself free of past ghosts, once and for all. With a little work and a willingness to observe the movie of your love-life closely, you will be able to recall and reclaim your true, loving and lovable self – before behavioral patterns born of pain – existed.

Through this healing ceremony, you will connect all of the dots and see the clear picture of perfection that lies beneath it all and how it is designed to serve you. Once you recognize your reactive patterns, label and feel them, then you can transmute them. I will show you new tools you can use to redirect your energy and ultimately change your old relationship patterns and attract a new level of love into your life… and maintain it.

This way, when you’re face to face with your next love, you can see them through clear eyes, a willing and brave heart. You can stop projecting your fears and protecting yourself, as you come to the realization that the past does not predict your future.

It’s a new day, Sunshine. Make way for big love.

Dress comfortably. Bring your favorite mat or blanket. Water and tea provided.

Fee: $20





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