Empowerd Empath: Know Emotional Freedom & Embrace Your Personal Power

Do you feel too much? Overwhelmed? Feel a bit crazy sometimes? 

Not to worry, sensitive one! You’re not crazy. You’re highly psychic and just don’t have an awareness about that topic… yet. Empowered Empath is my private coaching program designed to transform your perceived weakness into your greatest superpower! By the end of our time together, you will step purposefully into your courageous self and lead confidently with your big heart.

empowered empath

Are you an empath? Are you highly sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, attitudes and energy of others? Do you sometimes feel emotionally overwhelmed and not sure why? Are you sensitive to artificial light, sound and smells? Do you find yourself isolating, over-eating, drinking too much or medicating to “shut it down?” Are you a magnet for narcissists, gaslighters and energy vampires?

If so, you are probably an empath. You receive psychic (energetic) information through your body. You feel things. Your body is your best receptor for psychic information and guidance. The problem is, in addition to receiving information meant just for you, you are also picking up other people’s energy (OPE). This leads to confusion, overwhelm, fatigue and anxiety.

Now more than ever, empaths, or highly energetically sensitive people, need to develop their psychic abilities to empower themselves during these overloaded times.

I know. I am a highly sensitive empath myself. I’ve spent many years developing tools and techniques to manage my empathic nature and to mindfully develop it into my greatest and most creative asset. I’ve even designed a career using my gifts to help heal others. They say we teach what we most need to learn!

Being an unaware or untrained empath can be hellish. It leaves you open and vulnerable to everything and anything. It can lead to depression, anxiety and even mental illness. However, when you have a vocabulary about the exchange of psychic energy and develop tools to regulate it, your life becomes much more graceful, even magical! You begin to see your sensitivity as your greatest gift and you soon realize just how powerful you really are!

Imagine how your life would be if you could…

  • Differentiate between your energy and other peoples’ energy
  • Clear the energy around you to make your environment more comfortable
  • Not get sucked into other peoples’ drama
  • Read people’s energy, instead of getting run over by it!
  • Respond instead of react
  • Understand why you feel pain (and everything else) so deeply and how to transmute it
  • Empower yourself to use your caring nature to help the world – and yourself!
  • Finally feel like you have the tools to live a powerful, happy life
  • Respect and observe your emotions (internal guidance system)
  • Be and act with complete clarity and confidence
  • Trust your feelings and act in accordance
  • Experience peace, comfort and joy on a daily basis

These benefits may seem far fetched, but I guarantee you, they are not. Being an Empowered Empath opens you up to a whole new world… a new, inspired, confident and magical way of being present. With lots of support and guidance, you’ll wipe away old behavior patterns and replace them with a sound, spiritual practice, so that you can enjoy ultimate liberation and become a courageous presence on this planet. The world needs you.

What the program looks like…

This life-changing coaching program is divided into three parts. Each segment has a different, dynamic focus.

Part One: Know Thyself. This work is dedicated to self-awareness. You will understand how you personally receive psychic information, your patterns, strengths and challenges.

Part Two: Become the Observer. During this segment, you will shift into mindfulness practices, activating and directing your physical and psychic senses. This is a total game changer!

Part Three: Make some Magic! Now the fun begins. As you understand and claim your gift of empathy, you begin leveraging energy and affecting positive change in your world. You become the director of your movie!

What each week looks like…

This coaching program requires your presence and attention. It is designed to create an inspired energetic shift in a short period of time.

A 30 day minimum commitment is required. I recommend 60-90 days for a deeper integration.

Online Interactive Coaching Call

  • We will meet by phone, Skype or Zoom – recording your session is an option.
  • We will meet the same day/time each week for consistency and momentum.
  • Calls will run up to 60 minutes in length.

Weekly Personalized Coaching Assignments

Each week you will be given a specialized coaching assignment that addresses your personal spiritual journey, challenges and goals, in addition to empath building lessons and practices.

Priority Email Access

You will have open email access with me for additional coaching and to answer any questions you might have.

Prepare to amaze yourself! You can do this.

Each week builds upon the next, layering exercises and strengthening your psychic muscles, as you begin embracing your gift. With daily practice, a natural tipping point happens and living an empowered life becomes your new normal. Soon, you will reclaim your rightful magnificence as the powerful healing presence you came here to be and you will never settle for less again!

Are you ready to embrace your superpower and greatest gift?

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