Dark days, winter nights & holiday blues, oh my!

The solstice is almost here.  Are you feeling it?

With winter, family, holidays and extra stress, the energy outside is frightful! It’s dark, heavy and a bit weary. Things are changing and we’re called to go within to prepare ourselves for what’s next.

Since the solstice is the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, it marks a “tipping point” when we can move from our shadows into the light.

Most of us feel like pulling the covers over our heads and sleeping in, like hibernating bears, but let’s not run from the darkness. Not this year! There’s a message in those murky depths, and the solstice opens the door to reveal that hidden wisdom.

I would love to help you find the light in these dark days and spin whatever is weighing you down into the gold that it really is.

Drop me a line if you’d like a Psychic Reading for clarity or maybe you’re missing a special someone who has passed. A Medium Reading will remind that they are still here. Is it time to connect?

No matter what is going on, I know I can help you find your center and feel at peace. Here’s to embracing the dark to discover our light!

Love & Kindness,


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