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Charlene Murphy of Golden Buddha Holistic Healing taught us Reiki in Pacific Grove. She is both knowledgeable and a gifted instructor. I came away with a solid understanding of Reiki and certified for Reiki 1 and 2. I could not be happier and continue to use services offered at Golden Buddha, including counseling and Infrared sauna treatments.
Kate S., Pacific Grove, CA

In response to some recent big life changes, I decided to have a last minute session with Charlene to gain some clarity regarding my situation and how to move forward. Charlene is extremely personable and was able to accurately see part of myself and my situation and explain them to me in a way that was easily understandable. She was very thorough and didn’t rush my questions despite being short on time due to a computer glitch.  What I liked most about the session was that she didn’t try to tell me my fortune or future, but rather, tell me what type of person she sees me to be, what kind of energy she feels off me, and what kinds of actions and mindsets I should adopt so that I can manifest my dreams. I’m looking forward to scheduling my next appointment, and would definitely make the drive to see her in person next time!
Ariana F., San Jose, CA

It’s been awhile since I went to see Charlene, but the advice she gave me during a time of transition and uncertainty in my life was so significant and helpful to me, and I can’t thank her enough. Seeing someone in this regard was very new to me, and she made me feel extremely comfortable and everything felt natural. She has such amazing intuition and told me things about myself that were beautiful to hear and uplifting, yet also that were unbelievable she was able to gather in our short time knowing each other. I look forward to seeing her again in the future and if you are new to readings, she is the person to see!!!
Sofia Y., Long Beach, CA

I had a tarot reading and soul reading session with Charlene. I immediately felt a strong sense of rapport with her. She’s warm, inviting and a comfortable person to be around. Both services were outstanding and I’m looking forward to working with her again.
Wendy L., Galt, CA

From the moment I walked in Charlene had a warm and welcoming environment which made me feel safe and comfortable as we began our time together. Her positive energy radiated as she explored my gifts and tendencies as well as my areas needing improvement. I left her oceanfront suite feeling refreshed and with a better understanding of myself and my purpose. I look forward to taking action on the life lessons we discussed and manifesting my goals. I felt I had gained a guide, friend and mentor in one. Highly recommend having a talk with this lovely lady. 🙂
Josselyn B., Montery, CA

I have had three sessions in ten weeks with Charlene.  Her gentle and positive explanation of how we got to where we are and how to realign ourselves to whatever our heart’s desire is has catapulted my life in an incredible new direction. Her accuracy in identifying my best and less desirable habits has given me the confidence to continue coaching and life exploration meetings with her.  She recently added an infrared sauna to her practice. It is amazing…I didn’t realize what a fantastic effect the detoxifying properties for my body would also improve my entire being, that’s mind and spirit, too! Don’t miss out on a chance to benefit from this treatment, as well as consider having a reading with her.  Now is the time to get clear for the holidays and new year!
TR., Monterey, CA

My husband, daughter & I met with Charlene at our new apartment for a “house cleansing.” We felt very comfortable with her immediately. Charlene’s ability to connect with Spirit and read the space was apparent right away. The previous tenant had passed away which I was feeling uncomfortable with. I knew nothing about this person.  Not only did Charlene clear the energy but she made our new apartment feel like our space with positive and loving energy right away. A day later we met one of our new neighbors who told us about the gentleman who used to live in our apartment. Charlene had been spot on with her description of him. This blew me away! I also had a private reading with Charlene which I feel was life changing. She is very compassionate and highly intuitive. I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.
Donna H., Camarillo, CA 

She is absolutely amazing!!! I called her for a 30 minute reading for my birthday, and I have never had a read be so dead-on. I only said my name and birthday, and she began the reading. Without me saying anything or answering ANY questions, she started to tell me everything about what’s happening in my life right now. She was able to accurately describe the character traits of everyone involved, and described my personality to a tee. After five minutes of talking to her, I got goosebumps. I’ve never spoken to anyone more “plugged in” before in my entire life. She is so amazing!! If you need guidance, she’s the one to go to!!
Molly W., Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Charlene is a very warm woman. She truly is proof that experiences can bring enlightenment into your life within the spiritual sense. Often times the things that trouble us the most are the things that bring us closer to higher truths. It is okay to have offsets in life so as long as we learn how to triumph and overcome burdens. Her energies are gifted and serve to help those who come with a troubled mind. She puts you at ease, so give it a try and see for yourself 🙂
Roxana C., Long Beach, CA

I first met Charlene attending her classes in Long Beach, they were fantastic. At the time she also did past life group meditations which helped to correlate difficulties one has in their present life to a similar situation in a past life. The current people in my life were the same as in the past life, just a different name. We had karma to work out. She was very accurate describing situations that needed more care. Using oracle or tarot cards she gave some right on readings.
Rita S., Bellflower CA

I encourage EVERYONE to take the opportunity to have a reading, or take a class with this gifted medium.  I first came to “see” Charlene in 2012 during a very difficult period in my life. I was seeking some guidance and had many questions for her. She was spot on with all my challenges and assisted me with an actual PLAN to enrich my life and calmed many fears.  She was always available for tuning up (lol).  I never felt like I was alone with this spiritual lady in my corner!  She had simple and easy suggestions to incorporate into my daily routines that made a HUGE impact.  I appreciated her calm and loving demeanor.  Her ability to give me clear messages from my own guides made her readings clear and concise. 

I then decided to take her online and interactive 30 day psychic cleanse –  THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!  I enjoyed it so much that I took it for a second time…not because the first time wasn’t satisfying….rather I felt so empowered by the experience that I wanted to dig a bit deeper!  

She has remained a guiding force for me down this spiritual path and journey.  If you are seeking a one time reading (you will be hooked) or a life coach and spiritual guide –  then definitely Charlene Murphy is someone who will be there for you.  Thank you Charlene for teaching me to love Michelle again…you changed my life and I hope you continue your own life’s work of guiding and uplifting others!  Peace…light and blessings!
Michelle L., Long Beach, CA

Had the pleasure, of speaking over the phone with Charlene, and can say she is very easy to open up too, she has a lot of knowledge, and is eager to share it with everyone. She truly cares to help people, you can tell she does it because she has such a kind heart.  Speaking to her felt very therapeutic, and since I have felt very relaxed, and  with my mind more at ease. If your looking for a little guidance, in your life she’s your girl!
Minnie G., Ventura, CA

Charlene is an amazing person with such a wonderful gift. She is a true gem. Her intuitive abilities are mind blowing. You don’t have to tell her anything she tells YOU why you are calling. Now that’s a real psychic in my opinion.  Charlene is very down to earth with a great sense of humor,not only will you get great insight about your problem she offers you to look at it from a non judgmental perspective. For me I was able to laugh and look at things more light hearted. It was as if a burden been lifted from my shoulders, I left the session feeling refreshed happy and ready to become an ACTIVE ROLE In manifesting my dreams. Charlene also gives you enjoyable activities to do to continue to help you solve your problems. The tools I was given were enjoyable and inspiring.  SO go ahead and call you will not be disappointed. If you are truly ready to hear the truth and take full responsibility for your life and have the courage to use the tools to make it better then Charlene can help you. Psychic readings are supposed to give you insight and leave you feeling positive,you’re supposed to be able to leave the reading with some great information. I had a lot of readings with people and Charlene is one of the best. Thank you Charlene for all you do for everyone. I appreciate you and will follow up with you soon. -Peace and blessings-Marina
-Marina B., Inglewood, CA

More Charlene Murphy Reviews

I had my very first session with Charlene this early afternoon and let me tell you if you are looking for an honest, talented, knows-what-she’s-doing, truly cares, type of a psychic, she is the woman for you! First of all, it took me months to finally see her, for out of my own fear-based drama, I waited that long. Well, I’m so grateful to her and I now know exactly what I need to do to be able to love myself again. I now know what I need to do to rid myself of these self-sabotaging ridiculous ego-based behaviors that I do, yet hate at the same time.

So, again if you are thinking about this, just do it! Charlene is a comforting soul and you will know as soon as you meet her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul Charlene Murphy! I’ll see you soon…..Maria
-Maria G., Cypress, CA

Charlene is lovely.  She is kind, embracing, and [obviously] intuitive.  I don’t spend a lot of time going to doctors, therapists or chiropractors, but leaving Charlene I feel whole: healthy, optimistic, and aligned. I recommend her highly.
Bernadette S., Long Beach, CA

Truly gifted and genuine person.. I’m glad I decided to go to her and I will stick to her forever!!
-Ariana S., Los Angles, CA

I had an over-the-phone session with Charlene today, and I’m so glad I did. Not only does she truly have a gift, she is also very kind and supportive. She knew specific things about my situation that only a psychic could know. She was also very understanding and has a very calming energy. I really felt comforted after my session with her, and had a lot more clarity about a decision that I had been struggling with. I also want to add that she was easy to reach and was very prompt. I will definitely continue to see her in the future, and would recommend her to anyone 🙂
-Allison P., Long Beach, CA

Was hugely nervous and skeptical walking into this (that feeling you might get before getting some medical test results back or something–lot of anxiety).  The feeling quickly dissipated during the appointment.  Was shocked and amazed at how spot on accurate she was.  Similar to other comments, I told her nothing when I walked in; she read things that no one knows or could know.  Felt lost before I got there; by the time I left–realized I wasn’t really lost at all.  Was all rather confirmatory and clarifying.
-Tonya S., Corona, CA

I just left my session with Charlene, and I am feeling better than I have in years. She helped me more than the psychiatrist I was paying for months, more the medications he tried to put me on, and WAY more than the traditional therapy sessions I went to! 

She really got me, and got to the core of my issues and helped me get some clarity on my life and how to put it back together. I went to her feeling scared, confused and hopeless; I have a lot to work on myself but I know I am on the right path now. She is simply the best. I will definitely go see her again!!

I would give her more stars if possible! If you are seeking some answers and direction, you won’t be disappointed!!
-Krista W., Huntington Beach, CA

Charlene is so amazing….She was Spot On….she gave me a lot of insight as to what’s been going on and what might go on in my life….I highly recommend her.
-Denice I., Milwaukie, OR

Words can’t even explain how amazing my reading with Charlene was. She was funny, sweet, and genuine. I felt so comfortable when I stepped into her home. 30 minutes was definitely not long enough for me. She was able to ease my mind and help me connect with a loved one that had recently passed. I know I’ll be coming back to her again someday.
-Danielle G., Gardena, CA

Charlene is a humble, fun-spirited, talented and warmhearted life coach with definite psychic qualities. What I most appreciated with Charlene during my session was her down to earth persona, her sincere encouragements and the fact that she makes psychic ability a natural quality, something she claims we all can tap into. I am truly grateful for her accurate insights and helpful, well-meant advice. Charlene’s services are highly recommended.
-Vivi F., Long Beach, CA

This is a late post. I wasn’t in the right state to write what needed to be said at the time of the reading. About a year ago I started having anxiety attacks and was having a difficult time controlling it. I didn’t like the medication the doctors prescribed. They made me feel numb and loopy. I was looking for an alternative to the meds and reached out to Charlene. Her insight and knowledge of my life issues made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She advised me to start meditating and it has changed my life.
-Mike C., West Covina, CA

I had never had a psychic reading before,but it was something I had been wanting to do for sometime now. Believe me my experience was wonderful!!! I had been feeling lost, confused and hurting. Charlene was able to help confirm the things I knew in my heart and gave me the validation that I had been seeking. She’s amazingly intuitive and spot on from the beginning of the conversation I was impressed how well she knew what I was seeking. It was such a comforting experience. So worth it!!!
-Gabby Stacy A., Long Beach, CA

So, can I just call Charlene a big sister? I’ve been to a psychic before. Lots of truth were said but with Charlene, you also get a clearer view on things. I came in anxious. I left happy, and at peace with myself again. What was the most interesting part was when she said, “You’re really psychic.” First person to ever state that of me but I believed since I was young that I was a little different. She said, the anxieties I get were from being out of line from that spiritual world basically. They were signs. I’m in line again, and well-connected. Anyway. When you get readings, be prepared for bad news. I received bad news but it’s alright. Everything happens for a reason. Your spirit guides are there for a reason, to help you and guide you, and trust that God’s plans will happen. Believe in the higher being and follow your instincts, they’re more than just silly or uncomfortable feelings… Anyway, I would love to continue to grow and learn from Charlene, from both aspects in my life: spiritual world and physical world. She is straight-foward and caring. She will tell you this and that, but will let you know that it is still your choice in what you do next. She will tell you if you’re on the right path. I can keep going but point is, go to her!
-Monina T., Artesia, CA

Glad to say all the positive reviews I read about Charlene were completely true.  My wife and I both were stunned by her right-on observations about both of us and the advice she gave was very insightful and helpful.
-Doug B., Torrance, CA

Why has it taken so long to review Charlene? I saw her over a year ago, & chose her based on the great Yelp reviews. I was looking for guidance, & was at a point in life where everything seemed to be up in the air. Charlene was warm, calm, & kind. She gave me advice about my career path, whether or not to relocate, & on my love life. She knew things about me that were deep and meaningful. She even tapped into facts about my sister, & knew she has some level of psychic abilities as well! 

Pretty amazingly, she said she saw a black & white cat, which, at the time, I had just lost my black cat & thought she just got the color wrong. When I told her my cat was black, she stood firm in her vision of a black & white cat, (whereas I figure phonies would just change the color to black). Two months later, I adopted a black & white cat, & didn’t even remember the reading until maybe 6 months later! At the time of the reading, my current cat wasn’t even born, but somehow she saw that he was going to be a part of my life.

I raved about Charlene to my sister, & she saw her a few months later. They had a meeting that was more like a teacher to a student- advice on dealing with/honing the psychic gift. I know that she truly helped my sister & gave her great insight.

The most important thing about Charlene is that she keeps her readings positive! I felt completely better after seeing her, & felt so much more connected to the physical world & the spiritual world. I felt like I was realigned & starting on the right track! I would definitely go back to see her & probably will in the future!
-Jackie P., Garden Grove, CA

My (new) boyfriend and I went to Charlene for a tarot reading and had an amazingly positive experience! It was my third time getting a reading and his first and any anxiety we had at the beginning melted away as soon as we started talking with Charlene. Charlene is a very nurturing, insightful and warm person who wants to help you clarify your life’s path. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!!!
-Maggie G., San Francisco, CA

I design and deliver corporate training classes for a living and have attended several of Charlene’s live classes over the last year.  Let me tell you…Charlene is spot on!  Her classes have the right mix of content presentation and hands-on activities to keep participants engaged. The common thread is empowering individuals in their own life journeys. Beyond these technical aspects, Charlene is a fantastic facilitator. She has a calming, non-judgmental presence that allows you to easily open up to her – so vital in a successful teacher and psychic. From novice to experienced, all are welcome at Charlene’s classes. Participants leave with several gems for implementation in their lives and spiritual practices.
-CD., Torrance, CA

Charlene helped me through an incredibly difficult couple of years in my life with warm, down to earth advice. She’s incredibly intuitive yet has a great sense for what’s realistic. When you find yourself lost and hurting but ready for a real good honest look at yourself, Charlene is the best person to help you.
-Melody T., Industry, CA

I have been studying and reading the Tarot for over 20 years. I have taken other classes before Charlene’s, and her class provided the missing link I did not find in those other classes. Charlene teaches the Tarot in an easy-to-learn approach that is practical, but also helps her students develop their intuition while reading the cards. No stuffy, old, esoteric, mysterious tarot card meanings that can make the Tarot feel unapproachable and in an unreachable, shrouded realm. In this class, the Tarot becomes inviting and extremely user friendly. Charlene is a very organized teacher and gives us lots of practice assignments. She also encourages all her students to dive in and read the Tarot right at the start of class. I have been there and done all things Tarot. This was the best class I have ever taken. Highly, highly recommended!
-Margaret R., Holiday Hills, IL

I wanted to wait until I actually had a reading by her and not just comment because I took a course with her… well she nailed it completely. Not with the usual someone in your future is going to cross you stuff either. This was about me being empowered in who I am and how I see my future! I love that perspective in talking about my life and myself – it felt clear, clean, supportive, non judgmental. She was thrilled and excited with me and for me. Charlene is what I call and “engaged” reader – I felt like she was totally there with me in the reading and really wanted to understand what she was seeing for me. The clarity, the support, the eagerness for me about my life and business was genuine with her, she took her time until she felt I could understand my reading. She made it about me, exactly what I needed! If you want professional and genuine – here she is! Be prepared for some great clarity and insights! If you are buying a gift for someone else to have a reading – she is the one to have do the reading – very professional! I am incredibly happy with my reading! I have also signed up for another class of hers in the fall!
-Christy G., Prescott, AZ

I had a Reiki session this past week with Charlene and it was  an awesome experience. First of all Charlene is such a positive soul that I was at ease from the moment I arrived for my session. I really appreciated how Charlene explained everything before, during and after my session, she’s the real deal. Although, my appt. was for Reiki, her  ability as a  medium was demonstrated because she mentioned that I had a visitor, at the time I couldn’t  remember the person, the next day, I remembered that a former teacher was who Charlene  was talking about when she described the visitor. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
-Janet F., Long Beach, CA

Charlene is simply the best!!! I have gone to her twice now and every time she amazes me by her awesome readings. She never rushes and she is always willing to listen to all my requests.
-Gerry A., Redondo Beach, CA

My wife went to her at a very stressful stage of her life. Charlene was able to sense the root of the issues quickly and gave her guidance to overcome them. Coming out of the session, my wife was in a much more peaceful state of mind. Things did work out the way Charlene described. Since then our 2 daughters went to her as well and got great guidance. Finally, I went for a reading myself. Her ‘vision’ turned out to be right on. Besides her psychic talent, Charlene also has the ability to bring tranquility and serenity to people. She has a very loving disposition and helped me grow spiritually. Go there with an open mind and be ready to receive what the universe has installed to be revealed to you through her psychic talents.
-Will Y., Long Beach, CA

Charlene came through again! My wife and I were under tremendous stress, went to Charlene for spiritual guidance. She pulled some cards which were amazingly accurate on the transpired events and then she was able to lay out a prospective of the crisis. During our session, we developed a plan of action based on her guidance and felt much better after the visit. Over the next few weeks, the events developed exactly as she had predicted. She has an amazing talent in tapping into the people and/or circumstances surrounding an event which gives invaluable insight to how things will develop. We had a few readings from Charlene in the past and each time it was amazing! If you go there with an open mind, you will be amazed! Rarely would you be able to find a good natured, honest, kind, loving, caring and extremely talented psychic. Charlene is the cream of the crop.
-Will Y., Long Beach, CA

I have gone to her twice, and she can see right through me. It is amazing. She has been able to put my mind at ease with her insight, and understanding of the spiritual world. She helped me realize that things that I have been blind to, are right in front of my face. I have a really hard time opening up to ANYONE, but with her, my thoughts, emotions, fears, hopes and dreams flow right out of me. It is crazy. I have even had email correspondence with her, where she suggests books, and insight to keep me on track. She has made me a better person. I am 100% positive, that I will visit her again.
-NM., Fullerton, CA

This is a different type if reading. If you’re looking for someone to just read you and tell your fortune then go to a fortune teller on any other block with a neon sign. Charlene gives you hope and inspiration. She can read your energy and from then will she tell you what she feels. Give her a certain direction and she will help tap into what’s going on. I’ve been to her 3 times, it’s different from other people, but I leave in a harmonious state. She is a great listener and gives you homework to work on. She doesn’t try to upsell you on how to fix what she is seeing as wrong. She gives you guidance like a great friend that has a little extra intuition. Try her tarot readings, they’re fun and you get not only her but the result of the cards too.
-Christine S., Long Beach, CA

I went to Charlene based solely on the reviews i found on the internet and i couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. She was on time, courteous and was willing to extend the time we agreed upon. She walked out of our first group tarot party not only as a great find but as a future friend. I only waited a few days to make my personal reading appointment and couldn’t have been happier with the results, our conversation helped me to clarify the on-goings of my life. I will certainly be back and forsee a long lasting psyhcic life coach relationship.
-Jennifer A., Long Beach, CA

First Time psychic visitor, helped me feel relaxed. Gentle kind spirited and accurate information.
-AV., Huntington Beach, CA

Charlene is a breath of fresh air. The serenity you feel upon walking into her place is indescribable. She hits on a lot of points, and you leave there feeling as though you have gotten some insight to things. She is gentle in her approach, yet confident. I have gone to visit Charlene several times, and have sent friends who were a bit skeptical and leave feeling amazed. I would recommend you take a visit yourself. The experience will be great!
-BM., Carson, CA

Let me start off my saying I do not think that psychics are all-knowing, fortune tellers, witches, white lighters or anything like that. I do believe that some of us can pick up frequencies that enables them to tune into channels most of us can’t. With that being said I went to Charlene seeking advice about my job, relationships, finances and personal endeavors. She was very inviting and has a warm spirit. I had questions prepared so that I was not just a co-pilot, but being proactive in finding out what I wanted to know. I left my reading very inspired and very much looking forward to what the future holds!
-Sekou S., Long Beach, CA

She was amazing! Honest and on point. You need to go with an open mind for her to give you the most accurate reading which she was able to do for me. I would recommend her to anyone and plan to go back for future visits!
-Jessica M., North Hills, CA

I came to Charlene seeking guidance with my significant other, who had recently suddenly left me after almost six years. I’d been suffering from hopelessness, fear, and the feeling of being completely lost. I had no idea what I was supposed to or what I should expect. It’s safe to say it has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. Somehow, Charlene was able to ease my suffering. Not only did she help me to find the answers that already existed within me, but also helped me find those that did not. She is a warm, welcoming person who radiates with love and happiness. I will definitely be seeing her again soon.
Luke D., Cerritos, CA

Charlene rejuvenated my life after just one visit. I was in a dark, sad, and scared place and with her help and positive energy, I left our session rejuvenated and feeling alive again. Trust me- it felt like three months of therapy packed into one hour and it was worth it. Thank you Charlene- you are a wonderful person! I will see you soon!
Shaunna L., Garden Grove, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing class! I loved every minute of it and really learned a lot. The path I’m on fills me with exitement and I’m so grateul that you are a part of it! You truly are a Charming Gardener. With much love,
Danielle S., Long Beach, CA

Charlene is about as awesome as it gets and absolutely is the real deal. I run a successful business and am normally a pretty grounded human being, but I’d been going through a breakup of a long term relationship and was an absolute hot mess. I was immediately calmed by Charlene’s presence and she was dead on about what had been going on before I said a word. I had kept quiet at first to see what she’d say and her accuracy was amazing. Her advice on how to proceed has been invaluable because she cuts through all the crap and gets to the heart of the matter. I left feeling like things were absolutely going to be ok. She gave me insight that helped me move forward in a conscious way.I highly, highly recommend Charlene!
Mel T., Huntington Beach, CA

Having a reading from Charlene was fabulous! Loved it!
Pamela F., Chino Hills, CA

I recently sought out Charlene’s services and I am so glad I did. She has a wonderful kind spirit that immediately puts you at ease. I left feeling more hopeful and exhilarated about my life than I have in a long time. She is honest and forthright and helped me to see myself and my life in a different light. Thank you Charlene =)
LeSean N., Long Beach, CA

She is the real deal. I went to two other psychics prior to Charlene and they kept telling me that my chakras were blocked and that they could not help me. One psychic told me if I gave her 3000 she could help me. Charlene reassured me that I was fine, and spoke to me about spiritual truths and not lies! Shes gifted, and real.
Laura V., Long Beach, CA

I saw Charlene and she changed my life for so much better. She is amazing and kind. Her kindness humbles me. She is honest and she tells you how it is. I love that about her. She also provide me with help I desperately needed. And still do. I recommend her to everyone.
Lisa M., Huntington Beach, CA

My experience with Charlene was simply amazing. I was at a point in my life when I needed clarification on my profession and relationships with friends and family and of course my significant other. Charlene introduced me to new exercises for further guidance and followed up with me a couple days after my reading. The experience was perfect.
Deron L., Carlsbad, CA

I wanted to visit a psychic for my birthday on 12/12/12 and found Charlene on Yelp. Convinced that the universe was aligned for me on my special day, I had high expectations for a great experience. I was impressed by Charlene’s warm and welcoming demeanor and she made me feel comfortable from the moment I met her. As a skeptic, I did not share any personal information with her at all. I simply told her what areas of my life I was curious about without offering any details. She blew me away by how accurately she was able to see me, my relationships, and my situation. I especially loved her communication style and was appreciative of her friendly, conversational tone. I highly recommend visiting Charlene if you are looking for some spiritual guidance and an overall enjoyable, entertaining experience. I will be back!
Holly B., Los Alamitos, CA

Charlene is absolutely amazing! I found her on yelp and after reading her reviews, I thought I would give her a try and boy, I am glad I did! My sole purpose for seeking a psychic medium was to connect with my dad who passed away 4 years ago from prostate cancer.

When I met Charlene, she had such a warm and calming presence to her that instantly made me feel at ease. I can say that I was very nervous about not knowing what to expect and fear about being disappointed, but she made me feel otherwise! As the reading began, I told her that I wished to connect with my dad and much like my dad’s personality, he came through a bit weary and reserved about providing too much information at first. However, as the reading continued, Charlene relayed some very accurate events that have occurred in my life and described my dad’s personality with such accurateness. Not only was Charlene dead on about who my dad was and what he meant to me, but she also provided some good insight as well. 

Please know that Charlene has a beautiful gift and she uses her talents well. I highly recommend her if you wish to connect with your loved ones who have passed or simply need the guidance of someone who can help you accordingly.
Michelle P., Placentia, CA

I completed the 30 day Psychic Challenge with Charlene Murphy back in December. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it. I looked forward to each Tuesday evening as I knew it was going to be an incredibly positive, incredibly educational experience. Charlene is a great teacher and guide throughout the entire experience. She totally puts everyone at ease, understands that everyone is in a different place in their journey and very open to the interests and needs of the class. The time went by so quickly and I always came away feeling so uplifted and energized. The exercises and “homework” activities have helped me trust my own intuition and stop second guessing myself. Being able to talk freely and openly with like-minded individuals (being in the conservative midwest) was really a blessing and also a confidence builder. I learned about so many things I had often wondered about, but didn’t know who to ask. Yet each time I signed off, I found myself already anticipating the next week because I wanted to know more! One of the unexpected benefits of opening myself up to psychic senses are these amazingly vivid dreams which I can remember! Who knows what you will learn, but you will definitely enjoy the experience.
Connie S.

Charlene was amazing when I went to see her about a year ago. There were so many things she knew. I’ve always been skeptical but when someone knows details when there is no way to read them off of you- that’s a unique gift. I wanted her to contact a deceased friend and she knew what he was like, knew things about the type of relationship we had… it was comforting to hear what I truly believe was a message from him. I will definitely be going back soon.
Kylie H., Whittier, CA

I found Charlene here on Yelp. Obviously, she comes highly recomended. I experienced why 😉  Two days ago I reached out to Charlene. My neighbor above had passed a week prior. In the wake of her passing, myself and my neighbor were experiencing a great deal of heaviness and vibrations around our homes that were unsettling to say the least. I have always had the luxury (?) of being a skeptic. But things became undeniable and I was afraid. Very. As it happens when we lack knowledge and only emotions to go off of.  When I emailed Charlene I gave a little backstory and what I was feeling at home. I didn’t want to be here, didn’t want to walk down the hallway alone. I had never felt this apprehensive in my space.

Charlene came over yesterday and as everyone has attested, she puts you at ease. She offers you the comfort you need to be able to be vulnerable. I wasn’t sure what to expect, bells and whistles? There was no show. It was exactly what was needed a whole lot if positive energy. Prayer and guidance. I felt the heaviness lift after the prayers. Just like that.. It lifted. 

Before Charlene left she told me to let my neighbor, who was/is struggling as well know that he could talk to her if she needed him to. When he came home that day, after similarly not wanting to be home either he said it was the first time in a week that he didn’t feel trepidation, said it felt lighter almost back to normal. 

Needless to say, after 8 days of very broken sleep, I’ve slept for two nights in a row without waking up. I wander about my home as I did before. My son isn’t afraid of the hallways or to dress by himself.  Not only this, I gained enormous insight about myself, my process and how I looked at life, death and passing over. Grateful would be the word for Charlene, oh and “love & light” 😉
Deveni C., Long Beach, CA

Very spot on and insightful! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to take a peek into the soul of another being 😉
Ilona G., Irvine, CA

I must begin by saying that not only is Charlene warm, engaging, and sincere, but she is also incredibly gifted at the art of mediumship.  I came to see Charlene seeking some direction concerning career and love.  Toward the end of our session together, she asked twice, “is there anything else you would like to know?”  After some coaxing by my own psyche I mentioned my mother had passed many years prior and if there was any information concerning my mother I would like to know.  The details that followed next will forever change my life.  I did  not come with the intention of communicating with my mother, but fortunately, through Charlene it has become possible for me to find peace with the loss of my mother.  Her information was so completely accurate, personal, and direct.  I was unable to contain this phenomenon and when I discussed the details of my visit with my two sisters, they immediately asked me to set another appointment…. and AGAIN, with both my sisters and I we were able to communicate with our long lost mother.  All three of us have gained so much from this experience!  I highly recommend Charlene if you have a yearning desire to connect with a passed loved one.
Raquel L., Long Beach, CA

Charlene was beyond helpful and amazing. Not only was she accurate with the issues I was facing but she was able to guide me and assist me in finding what I needed to find in me to do the work to get to where I needed to go… I know this is overly vague but just trust that Charlene is not only welcoming, friendly, and warm but she is someone that you will remember and most probably interact with again.
SK., Pasadena, CA

I came to Charlene at a time when I was feeling very lost and not sure what I needed or what to do about it. As soon as I was in her presence I was already feeling more calm. There is such a peaceful, loving, warmth to Charlene that it immediately puts you at ease. I was still unsure what service I wanted from her. After we sat down and chatted briefly she said she wanted to put me on the massage table that was set up. She proceeded to go thru all of my chakra areas and by speaking and laying hands, cleared areas where I was blocked. I was quite emotional during this process. I cannot explain other than to say it felt as if I was releasing any bad energy or painful emotional baggage that I had been hauling around. Just when I thought I was going to have a complete and utter melt down, I felt the pressure easing and an unbelievable sense of calm and peace came over me.

I left Charlene with a renewed sense that I WAS okay and that I was right where I needed to be. I cannot say enough about how sincere and genuine Charlene is, she has an amazing gift and I am happy that our paths have crossed. I will be going back for sure and highly recommend her to anyone out there in need of some spiritual guidance.
Michelle H., Long Beach, CA

I came across Charlene’s website, which I think is fabulous, and when I spoke with her over the phone I could just tell she was an absolute natural and very real.  I found her to be inspirational, gifted, generous, and funny.  She keeps me on track and inspired – I highly recommend her!
Peggy P., Omaha, NE

I found Charlene via the Internet, I to was unsure and very apprehensive about making an appointment. I called and she got me in the same day. I was at a place in my life where I just needed direction. I was going through a messy divorce where I just needed guidance on how to move forward. She also connected with someone in my past that I felt a strong connection with and still was appearing in my life. She helped me understand my feelings, that I wasn’t crazy and that I needed to let life happen and what I was doing was right, everything would eventually work out. She made me feel at ease. Also gave me guidance on how to release energy and better myself. I will go back again!!!
McKenze B., Los Alamitos, CA

I am still processing all the information and enjoying the peace of mind  that was given to us by the awesome gift that Charlene has from the appointment my sisters & I had approximately 3 weeks ago.  Charlene’s MEDIUM SHIP was jaw dropping in many levels. Her accuracy and the conversation we had with our mother who left our present world came to talk to us through the aid of  Charlene. Our mother’s zest for life and happiness came through as well of peace of mind from the death of our mother almost 15 yrs ago. So if you are looking to reconnect with a loved one or have questions that need to be put to rest then don’t hesitate to reach out to Charlene. She is warm, nonthreatening and absolutely no smokey mirrors experience. She is like having a conversation with your best friend!  My sisters & I have a standing appointment with her every year when we get together to reconnect with our mom. Thank YOU Charlene!!
Delia L., Upland, CA

Charlene Murphy is personable and professional. She provided me with an interesting reading and good entertainment.
Maksim K., Long Beach, CA

Charlene is AMAZING! I went to Charlene during a break up with my girlfriend. She helped me find clarity in myself and did a reading. Her reading was dead on! She really listens to you and accepts you. She made me feel so secure and comfortable after sharing so many things I never had before. I will continue to speak with Charlene on my own as she lifts my spirits and with my girlfriend while she helps us grow a stronger relationship together. I feel so lucky to have found Charlene!
Lindsay M., Long Beach, CA

First Time psychic visitor, helped me feel relaxed. Gentle Kind spirited and accurate information.
AV., Huntington Beach, CA

I recently was referred to Charlene for her work with mediumship.  I was hoping to connect with my mother who has passed. Words can not describe the amazing experience I had.  I was continually shocked by her accurateness in describing the events of her passing as well as her personality. Charlene delivered exactly what I needed, validation my mother is with me, and has always been since her sudden passing. I walked away with peace in my heart.  The information I received I’m sure will bring a special richness to my life from this day forward. I give my sincerest recommendation to Charlene in her mediumship for anyone looking to connect with their loved one who have passed. Thank you Charlene!
R.C. Imperial Beach, San Diego, CA

I was in need of help, some clarity and guidance in my life. Everything was horribly bad, kind of like Murphy’s Law, what should of not went bad became bad. I knew I needed to see somebody and I went online and through Yelp I saw Charlene. One of the Best decisions I ever made to contact her and get help from her. She was able to help me identify what I was struggling with and advised me that I needed to move on and put the past behind me. Through her spiritual and meditating guidance, I am in a lot better place than I though I would of have ever been. Thank You So Much Charlene, you are an absolute Blessing. I recommend Charlene to anybody who is looking for some clarity, some guidance, and overall some kind of directional help.
JT., Long Beach, CA

Wonderful experience, left feeling recharged! ….. My wife and I had been looking for a reputable psychic to go to, just for a fun afternoon. Came across Charlene here on yelp. After calling her and several other psychics, we decided on Charlene because my wife liked the way she sounded over the phone. She had a kind vibe to her. And unlike most other psychics we called, she gave readings in person. Where others were over the phone only and for more money. We lucked out when Charlene was able to fit us in that day. We both did an hour with her separately and the time flew by. Charlene is extremely accurate, positive, uplifting and she has a wonderful gift to tap into exactly what you need at the time.

I also have to say that she is extremely LGBT friendly. As a lesbian couple, it’s always in the back of our minds when we meet new people, as to how they will react to us as a couple. Charlene never batted an eyelash and was very comfortable and open with us. She even gave us an extremely accurate reading on our relationship. After our individual sessions we compared notes and both agreed that it was more then we had expected and that we both felt recharged afterwards. She also does energy work, chakra balancing, etc. Next time we go, we’re going to do a session as a couple. I can not give her enough recommendations, if you’re needing a little guidance from the universe, she is the right one to help deliver those messages!!
Sasha L., Long Beach, CA

I saw Charlene for a reading and a Reconnection session, as I’ve been searching for guidance and direction on my career. Not only have I found Charlene’s readings to be accurate, but she has put my mind at ease by letting me know that I am on the right path, headed in the right direction and I should let go, enjoy life, and let things unfold naturally. This allowed me to release the pressure I was putting on myself. Compared to other readers, I found Charlene to be thorough, accurate, genuine, and gifted.
Rita E., Seal Beach, CA

When I made my appt with Charlene I did not know what to expect from a reading or even what I really wanted to gain from it. After my hour spent with her I will tell you that I was blown away. There were no bells and whistles or smoke and mirrors. There were also no crazy predictions you might expect or even be looking for when going to visit a psychic medium. What I left with was far more valuable than that. The environment was comfortable and Charlene made me immediately feel at ease. As if I have known her forever. She was able pinpoint exactly what I was having a hard time with in my life. She was also able to give me validation and clarity on the struggles I have come from and my progress for the future. I left feeling refreshed and peaceful as if it were a therapy session. What was even more impressive was I left feeling I received exactly what I needed without having to ask for it. I will absolutely go to Charlene again and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity and answers. Thank you Charlene for an amazing reading.
Jess H., West Covina, CA

Hi Charlene! You have given me exactly what I needed which was the truth and hope for a happy life 🙂 I want to thank you for giving me the strength I needed to better myself and to gain control of my own life. I do not know where I would be if I had not had a reading with you and a second talk with you. You are the real deal and I am so happy to have met a psychic like you who I know I can trust and has my best interest at heart. I would love to continue to have readings with you during certain chapters in my life to keep in touch with you 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and New Year and i am looking forward to working with you in the future!
Brooke, Long Beach, CA

Charlene is amazing and truly gifted.  I left my reading with an amazing feeling and the insight she provided into my life I feel will help me forever.  So happy I found her!
Susana Z., Long Beach, CA

There is one word to summarize Charlene and the few experiences I’ve had with her: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Charlene is not only warm, kind, easy to talk to, and compassionate, she is downright gifted! I was jaw-dropped as to how RIGHT-ON she was in my initial reading, I had to come back for a follow-up a few months later! She doesn’t make you feel like a customer, but a friend! She’s patient, genuine, and above all HELPFUL! Can’t wait to meet with her again!
JX, Irvine, CA

Charlene was very warm-hearted, honest, and truthful about my reading and is just simply a wonderful person, inside and out. I was a little skeptical about coming to see Charlene. I was filled with apprehension and tension before my reading, because I wasn’t sure where life would take me, and I just needed some clarification about my future. I arrived at Charlene’s apartment and she was very welcoming right when I met her; and I instantly felt a connection to her that let me knew that I could trust her to come into my life. 

I told her about my problems & life confusion and she connected with me and felt my energy and presence as soon as I sat down.  She made me feel comfortable in her home (it was like going to your girlfriends place to just have a chat) and offered me something to drink, then got down to business and gave me a tarot card reading.  Boy, was I reassured that my life was going to bring me lots of good luck and positivity, and Charlene turned my state of mind around from being confused/anxious to being calm/relaxed, and gave me something to look forward to in the future.  

I believe with Charlene’s great advice and attention to detail, she will be able to gauge your energy and offer you the things you need to hear/see in your surroundings and in your heart.  She is extremely talented and gifted and is very passionate about her abilities to guide people and steer them in the right direction. 

The great thing about our session was that she didn’t take the time to look at the clock, she kept talking to me and giving me great advice and didn’t even charge me for the extra time we went over. She’s very dedicated and I recommend anyone who is in confusion or stuck in their life to come see her and she can guide you in the right direction.  I’m excited to see what the future brings me based on her reading, and she was the extra confirmation I needed to bring this positivity into my life.
Pam C., Long Beach, CA 

I recently met with Charlene and left with a complete understanding of what needed to be done at this junction in my life.  She tells you what you need to hear, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all going to be good news.  Another thing I loved about her was that she doesn’t sit there looking at the clock every 10 minutes.  I believe my life has improved a great deal since my meeting with Charlene, and that’s mainly based on the advice she gave me, not only because of the reading I had.  My girlfriend went to hear a couple weeks after I did and was completely overwhelmed after her reading as well. I plan on continuing to see Charlene and am so happy I have the opportunity here to tell people how wonderful she is.
Brandon, San Pedro, CA

Charlene is awesome! I had a great time, and I enjoyed our conversation. She is a kind and warm person, who makes me feel very comfortable to discuss with her about my career move. She is like a good girl-friend of mine, who listens to your stories and questions, and encourages you. I will keep up my positive energy and continuously embed powerful good luck messages into my mind. Thank you, Charlene. 🙂
Grace, Long Island NY

Charlene is warm , compassionate and supportive. The moment I first talked to her I felt as if she was a friend. She is everything I could want in a psychic mentor. Our sessions are so fun and easy, I feel so confident and safe to explore and grow my skills with her.
P.S., New Jersey

My Reiki Session with Charlene Murphy was exactly what I needed. I showed up not knowing what to expect. I decided to just let it happen. I was not disappointed. The room filled with knowing awareness. The 30 minutes passed very quickly, but yet the time was filled with many changes. I felt like I had surgery on a cosmic level. I came home and experienced many more hours of intense focus from the experience.

Charlene has a gift for allowing the healing to pass through her without determining the outcome. She is a fabulous vehicle for spirit to manifest itself as your needs fit.
Darrett S., Los Angeles, CA

Dearest Charlene,
I have this favorite word that sums up an experience so amazing, you don’t have the words to really express it, and that word is “WOW”.  That would be the phrase I’d use to describe my experience having you as a spiritual and psychic development coach. Yes, definitely “WOW”, followed quickly by a “she’s amazing”.  I have a great admiration for you and your psychic gifts, and certainly of your gifts as a teacher. Thank you for all your unconditional love, compassion, and encouragement of my abilities.  Anyone that gets the experience of being taught by you is truly blessed, which I consider myself after being under your wing!  Thank you for being one of my Angels!!
Kelley W., Hollywood, CA

Dear Charlene,
Thank you so much for the guidance you provided in last week’s reading. Your insight was so spot-on it’s not even funny. Intuitive to intuitive – I’m impressed! You have such a great sense of grounded-ness and total awareness of what’s going on in various situations and with different people. You gave me great advice on a number of situations, and you also showed me where I was holding myself back and inspired me to move past those blocks – and for that, I am forever grateful.
With much Love,
Krishanti, Los Angeles, CA

Charlene –
The private session/conference call conducted could not have been more helpful.  The Chinese philosopher, Lao-tzu (604BC – 531 BC) said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  Thank you Charlene for helping us take that first step, and moreover, for your guidance and support in the journey yet to come.
Michael P., Denver, CO

Dear Charlene,
I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed your class. You are a natural born teacher. I cannot believe how you took things that I thought were so complex and made them so simple. That is such a gift. I also could not believe how fast the time went by in class!
Lily, Denver, CO

Hi Charlene,
Thanks again for the reading! You are very perceptive. I think the suggestion of the Angel Oracle and Tarot cards was very helpful. You have some solid insight into difficult areas, that is much appreciated. Have a great 4th!
Chris, Denver, CO


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