7 Signs You Are Telling an Empowered Story

“I AM – two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality,” Joel Osteen reminds us of this.

What words are you using to describe your life? Words have incredible power that can either be a blessing or a curse. They say, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” As a young child, I knew this wasn’t true at all. I’d rather take a physical punishment over being yelled at, criticized or belittled any day. Words cut deeply. Use them wisely.

That goes for telling the story of your life, as well. Many people tell stories of illness, pain, regret and woe, which holds them in a vibration of victimhood. And since we live in a responsive Universe that matches our vibrations, they get more experiences that validate their positions of victim. And the more they talk about how bad it is, they draw to themselves more bad. It’s like walking around with a fully loaded, half-cocked gun in your pocket. If you’re not careful, you will likely shoot your foot off.

As the world wakes up, we are realizing the creative power of the stories we tell and are beginning to tell new ones, more improved versions of our current realities with a focus on what we’re wanting to summon to ourselves, instead of rehashing the past and dragging it into our present moment – over and over again.

We are becoming wise stewards of our stories and crafting them as we go along, loosely attached to “what is”, all the while trusting the creative process of our imaginations with sacred reverence and wild abandon.

And here are seven signs that YOU are telling an empowered story…

1. You feel good.

You understand that your story is everything – that it sets your mood – and the goal of telling it is to feel good, so you do – most of the time. You have a deep understanding of the law of attraction and that from wherever you are standing emotionally, whatever you are emitting into the ethers, you are drawing more of that to yourself. So, as the wise creator you are, you know it behooves you to feel good, as much as possible, so that you become a positive point of attraction.

You have mad skills and all the right tools to shift your mood. You speak of this. You may even say something like, “Yes, I’m disappointed by this thing, but I know this contrasting situation is offering me valuable information – and something better is being born of it. I think I’ll go sit in gratitude for a few minutes or take a walk at the beach while I process.”

You have mantras and affirmations on hand, being mindful that you can re-direct your mind at any given moment. You give no power to the past, as you know it has none. You understand that wellness is your natural way of being and if you’re not feeling good, something is out of alignment – either physically or spiritually. You notice it right away and begin the healing and transformation of it. You no longer become overwhelmed or disempowered by situations that don’t feel good. And you know it does you no-good to talk about it – for when you do, you re-energize the pain and feed the monster. You understand how masochistic this is and stop doing it. Instead, you become the proactive energy bender that you came here to be, and you speak health and well-being into your existence.

2. You like what’s showing up in your life.

As the storyteller and creator of your experiences, you have come into a habit of accessing your imagination, playing with your desires, bringing them forth, and as law would have it, those things come into form – they manifest physically.

So, of course you like what’s showing up in your life because you’ve asked for them. You continuously place your order to the Universe – sometimes consciously and other times by contrast – either way a new desire is born, a new order is being placed. You enjoy this process and have become good at it – and when something shows up that you don’t like or understand, you go back to your drawing board in your limitless mind and clarify your order– or you ask your higher self or spiritual guidance system for clarity, knowing full well that clarity will come and you will see the genius of that seemingly unwanted thing for being there.

You become the masterful observer of your life and speak gratitude for all that shows up – knowing that it is all here for you – that there is a conspiracy going on for your highest evolution, s you bless it all.

3. You like who is showing up in your life.

As the masterful conjurer that you are, you draw just the right people to you – in the form of friends, lovers, co-workers, clients – you begin to see the bridges being formed and how your connections have deeper meanings – That some people show up and stay, while others pass through, but no matter the length of the journey, you know they are your teachers, guides, supporters, soul mates and kindred spirits – people here to help you on your course and teach you about yourself – all the while you serve as their teacher in some capacity, usually unknown by you.

Even the people who challenge or cause you pain – you understand that you conjured them too. It is through the contrast of your experience with them, that gives form to conscious realization of your deepest, true desires – and then you ask for that. Your story has changed again. And as the adventurous editor you are, you are free to conjure a new cast of characters, who are more in alignment with your new story. And so, when relationships change or even end, you feel no need to tell a negative story about it – you simply acknowledge that your energetic frequencies no longer match and by law, you physically shifted apart.

4. Your self-talk is kind and gentle.

You have learned to make friends with the unavoidable voice in your head – that once upon a time was probably harsh, critical, unkind and perhaps paranoid. The voice that kept you doubting your strength, beauty and safety. You’ve since discovered your magnificence, so now you tell yourself an empowered story about how amazing, unique and beautiful you really are. You no longer find pleasure in self-deprecation or seeking validation from others. You realize that you are indeed the hero of your journey and fortify your mind with words that support, inspire and uplift your spirit. This took practice, but you learned to do it, and are now seasoned at redirecting your inner critic – silencing her and sending her on her way.

You no longer use words or labels that define or limit your amazing self, because you know that you are an eternally evolving human being whose potential is always compelling you forward and leaving your old story in the dust. You no longer defend your limitations, but revel in your brilliance. You realize that self-love is the cornerstone of your happiness and tell tales of love to yourself daily.

5. You believe that everything is fixable.

Nothing is set in stone with you. You believe that diseases are signs and stories that something is out of alignment that needs your attention, so you talk to it – you ask your body what it needs and then faithfully follow the directions being given. When you stumble or crash hard, you remind yourself that you have everything it takes to overcome anything, and thank Source, once again, for the contrast, for now you know how to correct your path, what worked, what didn’t work – and off to the drawing board of your infinite imagination – the portal to all creation – you go.

You see yourself as a palm tree, deeply rooted, flexible and able to withstand the most violent of storms. You have mantras that fuel your spirit and keep you grounded. You make light of things, and can laugh at your mistakes, seeing them as the feedback they really are. And you realize that this is an eternal, never-ending process and you are becoming a master at it. You know that everything is temporary, and change is inevitable – and more importantly, that you can design that change.

6. You choose your words carefully when speaking to others.

In your infinite wisdom, you know that your words can be weapons of destruction or provisions for peace, and as the spiritual advocate you are, you opt for peace. Being right is no longer important to you – and if your words are not being received, you recognize the folly of continuing-on, so you simply shut the conversation down or walk away, preserving your precious spirit – always mindful of the energy you are constantly creating.

You are not interested in drama or talking over anyone. Sufi mystic and poet, Rumi said, “Raise your word, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

You also know the story you tell about others not only affects them and the energy of the listener, but it also affects you. So, you hold people to their highest potential – always training your mind to see their goodness, their core, their strength and doing that shores it up.

Gossip bores you – for you revel in the notion that everything is energy and the thoughts you think and the words you speak, bend energy. You choose to be the light in a dark room by speaking kindness and encouragement. You learned long ago by practicing non-reaction – to hold your tongue – knowing that you have full control over choosing words of grace and dignity, all the while getting your needs met and being in your full integrity.

7. You believe that your life just gets better and better.

Your stories are living prayers in motion, and you know this, so you affirm the beauty and wonderment of your life by speaking it – verbally and non-verbally. You become a living demonstration of how good it can be. And by living in that truth, you give others permission to do the same.

You understand the power of your questions and only ask empowering ones, knowing the Universe always answers. So, instead of asking a disempowering question, such as, “Why am I always broke?” You know to ask, “How can I allow more money into my life?”

Michael Bernard Beckwith said, “Behind every problem, there is a question trying to ask itself. Behind every question there is an answer trying to reveal itself. Behind every answer, there is an action trying to take place. And behind every action, there is a way of life trying to be born.”

As your awareness about your creative abilities grow, you have fun with it. You become less fearful and more proactive in the creative process. You learn new tools, like meditation, visioning, journaling, prayer and you become the audacious creator of the beautiful mosaic called your life.

Take a breath.

Imagine a time when you were in the flow – when you felt inspired and free – you felt no resistance, things were synchronistic and easy – you felt the magic and perfection of your circumstance.

It could be time spent with your child, a lover or while taking a journey and being immersed in the beauty of the landscape, or when you landed that perfect job or created the business from nothing. It could be the time you escaped near death or recovered from an illness – you knew in that moment that your life has meaning and purpose, and you got to briefly look behind the curtain to see the wonder, feel the grace and power of this magnificent evolutionary process – you caught a glimpse into the joy and ease of life and held it for moment or two, like a precious gift.

Now breathe in loving kindness and say to yourself…

  • I am available to more good than I have ever imagined or experienced in my life
  • I am open and receptive to solutions to my every problem – knowing that everything is fixable and heal-able
  • I am brilliant, gorgeous, talented and loved
  • I am prosperous and allow abundance to flow into my life
  • I am intuitive and tapped into guidance
  • I am resilient, powerful and flexible like a palm tree
  • I am the creator of my reality
  • I take responsibility for the energy I bring to all situations
  • I speak mindfully and with intention
  • I tell stories about myself and others that inspire and uplift

Embody that which you are wanting to become – envision your most authentic and divinely inspired self – and know that you’ve got this.

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