7 Signs You Are a Spiritual Genius

Wayne Dyer once said, “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.” This makes perfect sense to me, since the body has physical limitations, whereas the spirit does not. We are free to be, do and have whatever our hearts desire, and by tapping into our limitlessness, we can!

And here are seven signs that YOU are a spiritual genius…

1. You understand that you are part and parcel of Source Energy.

Divine Intelligence, God… whatever term you use to describe the perfect and responsive well-being that permeates the Universe – and that you can easily tap into it just by shifting your awareness, quieting your mind and being receptive. In fact, you know the easiest way to redirect your energy is by feeling gratitude, so you wake up every morning in a state of thanksgiving – giving thanks for the night’s rest and reboot. Thankful that you’re still here. That your heart kept beating through the night without your conscious awareness and that your lungs kept breathing – feeding you oxygen as you drifted off, while your body healed itself through the night. You realize that you are part of a miraculous design that only knows well-being.

2. Competition and winning are far less important to you.

Rather, living to express your unique gifts and talents take precedence. You are tapped into your purpose and are compelled by your high self – the one tapped into Divinity. You are a courageous visionary and dare moving in a direction that speaks to your soul. You take risks. You have faith and are obedient to the voices that guide you and not much else. You find no pleasure in mediocrity and feel like you don’t quite belong here sometimes, but trust me, lightworker, when I tell you – you do. You are here to bring light and love to the planet in your own unique way.

3. You know that the Universe is indeed kind, generous and abundant.

Well-being is its dominant state. You see this being played out in nature everywhere you look. You see the grass growing without resistance, the birds flying in unison without a GPS, the animals of the wild knowing how to feed themselves and raise their offspring – effortlessly. You experience the safety of gravity and all of the other laws of the universe, both physical and spiritual – knowing they are here to guide, serve and protect you. So you become more curious about these laws and learn how to more fully play with them and leverage them for your pleasure and growth, instead of fearing them and running for cover.

4. You believe in miracles.

You know that every “coincidence” is divinely ordered and that the Universe really does have your back. You begin to connect the dots of your life’s experiences and see the blessings in everything: the good, the bad, the ugly and painful. You are aware that everything is arranged for your ultimate expansion. You understand that you have guides and helpers from beyond – perhaps in the form of angels, spirit guides, ancestors passed… always showing you signs and giving you ideas, information and a-ha moments of clarity and inspiration – always leading you to your higher self and greater outcome.

5. It is easy for you to accept change.

You enjoy change because you trust your guidance and the process of your evolution. You accept that you are a work in progress and you feel compelled or pulled in certain directions – and you surrender to it. This is a true act of bravery going forth into the unknown, but you know there are rewards for you there, so you get stepping, heed the call and go. Martin Luther King said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” And since you operate from this pure place listening to spirit, you have a childlike enthusiasm for what’s next and expect magic – and as a result, you cultivate it.

6. You understand your inherent brilliance and ability to co-create with the Universe.

You take responsibility for what shows up, even the bad stuff, knowing full well you can change it. You know that your imagination is the portal to all things manifest and enjoy going to the drawing board of your limitless mind to move things around, make new requests, adjust the formula, as life’s contrasting experiences continue to give you more information about your preferences. You relish in the fact that you have unlimited revisions and can start from scratch at any given moment. You enjoy this process, so you vision, daydream, meditate and imagine daily to bend energy and create a life you love.

7. You believe that people are intrinsically good.

You can see their light, even when they don’t see it or express it themselves. You offer grace and compassion as an invitation to all people, knowing most of them will rise to the occasion and feel what you are offering on a level that humbles them. You raise people up and hold them in their highest potential. It breaks your heart sometimes because you know their brilliance better than they do, but as the spiritually aware one that you are, you realize the perfection of it all and bless them on their path – knowing that all is well.

Now breathe in loving kindness and say to yourself…

  • I am a spiritual genius
  • I am a powerful creator of my reality
  • All of my needs are met and then some
  • I am safe, guided and completely adored
  • Abundance is my birthright
  • It is good and right for me to express my unique self
  • I am kind
  • It is easy to tap into my divinity and remember who I really am
  • I allow prosperity into my life
  • I respect my body temple and take excellent care of it
  • I recall my brilliance and shine it out loud
  • No matter what is happening around me, I can re-direct my thoughts and energy into a better feeling place
  • I love life and enjoy the unfolding with childlike enthusiasm
  • I am perfect and beautiful just as I am right now
  • I forgive easily
  • I project peace
  • I am disciplined in my energetic hygiene – always mindful what I bring to a situation and making amends wherever necessary
  • I am here to be a helper – a beneficial presence on the planet

Embody that which you are and know that you’ve got this.

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